Mind Games

by BoneShaker

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released September 25, 2013



all rights reserved


BoneShaker Reno, Nevada

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Track Name: Power Hungry
how long will you let burn
money sings sweet melodies into your ear
you forget how you got here
stepping on the toes of the ones that you leaned
once crippled now so strong
silencing our voice with the crack of the whip
we fall to our knees
but we hold the key to your fucking greed
yet we fall in line with the rest of the sheep

be the wolf, free from tyranny, be the wolf
be the wolf, hunting down authority, be the wolf

struggle to make ends meet,
the rich get richer while we continue bleed
molded into puppet,
strangle the opinions ,tighten the strings
lying through your teeth a fake a cheat x4

power hungry consumes our soul
power hungry takes all control
till the sheep die and the wolves rise

my only freedom is my state of mind
you couldn't take it even if you tried
rather put a bullet between my eyes
I'll be dead before i fall in line
Track Name: Mind Games
love the myth dragged through the ages
downward effect never slowing down
soothing tears for a broken heart we've all been tricked from the start
false hope leaves us vulnerable
resting in the palms of an others hands
they clench their fist
grasp our fate
falling victim to the mind games

waking up in a bed of the lies we made,
once again I've been bitten by the snake,
venom runs through these veins
paralyzing my brain
I can't think straight
mind games

quickly, question my beliefs lost in a fog of my own fantasy
trapped, in your maze searching for the time you stole from me

self doubt sets in
there goes my confidence
caught in your ways
forced to play these mind games

shove the knife deeper so i never forget
the pain, the damage that you inflict
learn to forgive or live in regret
learn to forgive or live in regret
Track Name: Trial N Error
sorry father it's just another mistake
take a look at the mess i made
all i got is myself to blame
going at it again and again and again
free me from these shackles and chains
I'm done drowning in my own shame
my problems I've got to face
only pleasing you if I walk away

failures not an option x4

dwelling at the bottom
always coming up short
all that I gave
was never enough

these are my trials
will I see the error of my ways

living in your shadow
shell of my past
while i grew wiser
my skin grew thicker
i chose a different path
i knew it wouldn't last
i chose a different path
i knew it wouldn't last
Track Name: Turn to Stone
Judgement comes the drop of the gavel
pressure sets the truth unravels
shattered faith
blackness falls
hide this pain deep in my soul

turn, turn to stone
turn, turn to stone

disguise my weakness
before it unfolds
my darkest secret
expose my intent
there is no left, there is no one left
to lay my trust in

I, have nothing left to offer
I, am going to watch it suffer
lock it up throw away the key
lock it up throw away the key
anything to stop the bleeding
anything to stop these feelings

turn, turn to stone
turn. turn to stone
turn, turn to stone
turn, i fear the demons of this world

I, I don't want to feel
in my mind i know that nothing is real
hate this world I'm so alone
hate myself so i turn to stone

I fear the demons in this world
pushing me to the limit how can i ever win
forcing me to an early grave
i go numb till i feel it in my bones